How to Run a Successful Dental Practice


just recently talked to Dr. Scott Olson, an oral expert in Springfield, Missouri. I wished to discover how he runs his practice and exactly what has actually worked finest for him in the areas of staffing, finance, advertising, and operations.


Q: What techniques do you use to discover competent personnel members ??

A: A strategy that has worked well for me is to employ students from local colleges that need students to finish an internship program at an oral office as a part of their education. The intern program not only provides the students hands-on experience, but it likewise provides me the opportunity to assess their skill level and interest for dentistry.

Q: Every practice has their own method of doing things. How do you get your personnel adjusted to your business viewpoint after they’ve been worked with?

A: Aside from the Dental Assistant program pointed out above, we supply all brand-new employee with a comprehensive staff member handbook, which they are needed to sign and read. The manual particularly outlines our policies, finest practices, and procedures for treating patients with care.

Q: How typically do you carry out regular evaluations of your staff?

A: I am a company believer in preserving a dialogue with my staff. That’s why I not just carry out a yearly evaluation with my personnel. I also ask to evaluate me and how I can improve. The feedback from the two-way evaluation is incredible. It has actually assisted bring our practice to a higher level of care.


Q: You’ve made the choice to keep your overhead low by renting an area in a strip center. Many other dentists have actually sustained a great deal of overhead by finding in costly buildings. Do you believe you’ve come out ahead by adopting this approach and have you thought of including another place or moving?

A: Although I’ve thought about moving the practice to a prominent location, I’m glad I made the initial choice to keep my overhead to a minimum while still offering a comfortable environment for my patients. It has actually enabled me to save cash and minimizes a great deal of stress throughout lower volume periods. Dentists with high overhead usually feel the pinch during slower financial times.

Q: There are many ratios that oral specialists utilize to evaluate the effectiveness of their practice. Which ones are most essential to you?

A: The most essential fact to me is the number of brand-new clients we treat each month since that is the foundation of our future growth. I constantly monitor our outcomes to identify the age, sex, and area of the new patients which assists me much better target my marketing efforts.

Q: At the beginning of each year, do you and your staff set objectives for the upcoming year in the locations of profits, earnings, and patient counts?

A: We close down the workplace for a day in early January to go over methods we can enhance performance, skill levels, and patient satisfaction. We think that if we can enhance the practice in those areas, the profits and incomes will eventually follow.

Q: Do you generally rent or buy your devices and how typically do you update?

A: To this point, I have actually acquired all the equipment I make use of in the practice. Nevertheless, there is some exciting brand-new technologies on the horizon that I’m thinking about such as a new generation of digital x-ray devices and crown fabrication. I’ll likely lease the brand-new devices I get because of the numerous benefits of that form of funding.

Q: How do you set your cost schedule and how does it compare to other practices in the area?

A: Our prices are not the most affordable in town, nor are they the most expensive. When I set costs, I look at the quantity of time it takes me to complete each procedure as well as the associated labor, supplies, and overhead expenses. I then set the cost to attain what I think to be an equitable return on investment.


Q: What advertising methods do you make use of to reach new patients and which ones are more efficient?

A: We always ask each brand-new client how they heard about us, which assists us track the efficiency of all our marketing efforts. We provide a benefits program in which we grant the referring patient a gift card and the brand-new client a $50 discount off the cost of their initial browse through.

Q: You have actually continually updated your skills by going to classes and seminars that teach cutting edge techniques and procedures. Do you emphasize the new abilities you’ve found out in your marketing?

A: First, attending courses and workshops that teach new techniques energizes me significantly. That’s why I carefully explain the recently discovered procedures to the client while they’re in my workplace.


Q: There is a broad variation in the quality of dental supplies and options. How do you decide which products to utilize?

A: I am extremely certain about which items I make use of and it’s crucial to make sure a sufficient quantity of independent research has been carried out. I’m pounded with solicitations for all kinds of items and the majority of the “study’ is from the business. That’s not excellent enough. I just utilize exactly what has actually been proven to work.

Q: When a patient checks in, are they brought in to the examination room rapidly?

A: Our objective is to bring a client to the exam room within 5 minutes after check in. Needless to state, there are situations that develop which cause delays, however most of the time we achieve that goal because we value our patient’s time.

Q: When a patient comes in for a check up and you’ve found a trouble outside the normal world of a cavity that requires comprehensive work, how do you articulate the problem to the client without utilizing a lot of lingo?

A: The expression “a photo is worth a thousand words” certainly applies right here. They get it when I show a patient photos of how a tooth cavity that is left unattended causes damage to the nerve. I do my best to make them comprehend what will likely happen if they do absolutely nothing, in contrast to the result if they select treatment.

A: Although I’ve considered relocating the practice to a prominent place, I’m grateful I made the initial choice to keep my overhead to a minimum while still offering a comfy environment for my patients. A: The most important fact to me is the number of brand-new clients we deal with each month since that is the foundation of our future development. I always monitor our outcomes to identify the age, sex, and location of the brand-new patients which helps me better target my marketing efforts. A: We constantly ask each new patient how they heard about us, which assists us track the effectiveness of all our marketing efforts. We offer a benefits program in which we give the referring patient a gift card and the brand-new patient a $50 discount off the expense of their initial browse through.