Medical Review Process to Assess Your Driving Skills


The majority of us learned driving a vehicle from our teen-age and would love to continue driving as long as we could do so. Due to security issues for self and those who drive alongside, one has to specify clear specifications that draw the borders of one’s ability to continue safe driving.

This requires a full Medical Review to assess one’s capability to follow safe driving standards. This process can be intricate, however offered below are general guidelines that people can follow.

Based on problems or observation the MVC would provide a letter for the topic that a Medical Review needs to be undertaken. The letter likewise includes numerous kinds that the Physician needs to fill and the same to be submitted to MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) within a duration of 45 days, failing which his license is revoked.

The Physicians observation can decide anything in between completely revoking one’s license (case where the subject clearly has a medical condition that requires totally preventing driving as it might threaten self and others) to taking definitely no action (case where the subject fulfills 100 % of the requirements had to prove his capability for safe driving).

MVC medical advisory panel goes with the reports from the Physician and among the following choices is reached:.

-Can continue driving with restrictions.

-Suspend all driving benefits.

-Send topic for another medical checkup.

-Monitor frequently.

Physicians and Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement personnel have actually reached particular specifications that reveal Drivers skills falling short of ‘safe zone driving’.

These are:.

-driving slower than defined speed.

-narrow misses and mishaps.

-anxiousness / absence of self-confidence in driving.

-confusion in reading and understanding traffic indications.

Identification of any among the above signs in a subject will trigger the Law enforcement official to demand a total Medical Review in the interest of Safety for all. One needs to understand that certain medical conditions need not suspend all driving advantages, but can be modified like ‘only day time driving’ or stay clear of speed driving, etc.

Clinical conditions that straight impact driving abilities are:.

-Visual Status.

-Psychiatric illness.

-Cardiovascular illness.

-Cerebrovascular illness.


-Renal disease.

-Metabolic illness.

-Medications (Usage of antidepressants, antihistamines, any medication that impacts the central nerves).

-Abnormal nerves.

-Respiratory troubles.

If you want to refer a friend or would such as to go through a check, you can contact your physician or ophthalmologist; Driving Rehabilitation specialists, before you meet MVC’s Medical Review Unit.