Top 15 Nutrition Myths – Reviewed and Debunked


Right here are the leading 15 Nutrition Myths – I have actually reviewed, summed up and disproved each one. Let the Myth Busting start!

Nutrition Myth # 1: Natural filled fat in our diet plan is a villain. That’s proper: SATURATED FAT is REQUIRED for a HEALTHY HEART !! The bad guy is the high omega-6 fat discovered in vegetable oils like safflower, cottonseed, corn, soybean, peanut, canola and sunflower.

Nutrition Myth # 2: Low fat diet plans are healthy. FACT: Low fat eating needs the usage of extreme carbs to acquire the daily energy demands. This causes high insulin production, which kick-starts the cycle that eventually results in heart problem. The even more fat, the more bile salts needed, the more cholesterol the liver makes. Blood cholesterol could increase with a greater fat diet plan. But, that’s OK!

Nutrition Myth # 3: Polyunsaturated vegetable are a healthy substitute for animal fats. FACT: The polyunsaturated veggie oils have been rendered hazardous by the extreme high temperature and pressure extraction procedure utilized by the food industry. In addition, these polyunsaturated oils are generally omega-6 which enhances the INFLAMMATORY response throughout the body.

Nutrition Myth # 4: Only lean protein must be eaten. FACT: Animal fats consist of numerous nutrients that protect against cancer and heart problem; raised rates of cancer and cardiovascular disease are connected with big amounts of veggie oils. Saturated fat from meat is vital to guarantee the needed stiffness of cell walls. Consume fewer animal items and alternative veggie oils for animal fat.

Nutrition Myth # 5: Consumption of red meat increases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. REALITY: There has actually been NO research outcomes correlating UNPROCESSED red meats with cancer or cardiovascular disease. Red meat is rich in iron and zinc, both which play vital functions in the body’s use of important fatty acids; and, as we have seen, consumption of filled fat presents no danger to our health.

Nutrition Myth # 6: When consuming milk, consume only that which is low fat. The fat in entire milk safeguard the intestine versus infections, as well as other health advantages.

Nutrition Myth # 7: Be sure milk is pasteurized prior to drinking. REALITY: Real milk-full-fat, unrefined, and from pastured cows-is a totally “self-sufficient” food. Raw milk includes lots of enzymes that when exposed to the pH of the digestive tract, become, active and make the milk easy to digest. Pasteurization destroys these enzymes and the body need to work hard to supply its own to break down the milk protein, sugars and fat.

Nutrition Myth # 8: Growth hormone (r-BGH) is of no issue in milk. TRUTH: Many researchers are worried that r-BGH-treated cows might pas unhealthy germs into milk items. R-BGH stimulates the manufacturing of insulin-like growth element 1, which promotes cell department and growth. Thee is speculation that this might lead to cancer. It is banned in Canada, Australia, Japan and the European Union.

Nutrition Myth # 9: Raw milk is not safe and need to be prohibited in all states. TRUTH: Raw milk contains lactic acid producing germs that protect against pathogens. Pasteurization destroys these harmful organisms, leaving the milk without any safety mechanism need to unfavorable germs contaminate the milk supply.

Nutrition Myth # 10: High fat foods, particularly saturated fat, increase the levels of blood cholesterol. FACT: As far back as the 1950s, the Framingham study found NO CONNECTION at all in between fat consumption and blood cholesterol levels.

Nutrition Myth # 11: High levels of cholesterol in the blood cause atherosclerosis, the accumulation of the fatty plaques that obstruct arteries. FACT: Research evidence shows that high blood cholesterol has NO RELATIONSHIP with the degree of atherosclerosis. A Canadian study (1963) showed guys having low cholesterol had as much atherosclerosis as those with high cholesterol. Numerous other studies, truthfully assessed, revealed the very same outcomes.

Nutrition Myth # 12: The USDA food pyramid promotes health since it leads to a diet low in cholesterol and filled and promotes carbohydrates from grains, veggies and fruit. FACT: Restriction of animal fats and cholesterol is specifically hazardous for pregnant women and growing youngsters.

Nutrition Myth # 13: Soy foods are healthy and prevent heart illness. High levels of plant estrogens discovered in products like soy milk, soy nuts and other soy foods put women at danger for cardiovascular condition.

Nutrition Myth # 14: Beta carotene is transformed to vit. This conversion needs fat enzymes and bile salts. A.

Nutrition Myth # Misconception: Protein powders are a healthy choice for protein.

That’s proper: SATURATED FAT is REQUIRED for a HEALTHY HEART !! The villain is the high omega-6 fat found in veggie oils like safflower, cottonseed, corn, soybean, peanut, canola and sunflower. Nutrition Myth # 2: Low fat diet plans are healthy. Nutrition Myth # 3: Polyunsaturated veggie are a healthy alternative for animal fats. Nutrition Myth # 6: When drinking milk, eat only that which is low fat. Nutrition Myth # 10: High fat foods, particularly filled fat, enhance the levels of blood cholesterol.